Smartphone app: “Le Bayonne”




“Le Bayonne” app for android and iPhone is the official application of the Bayonne Ham Consortium.

With this free download, lovers of good food will be able to find out all sorts of things on their smartphone and tablet:

  • All the secrets of how real Bayonne ham is made, a registered ham that is made following the strict requirements of a rigorous technical manual that tracks everything from the very beginnings to your plate.
  •  Video clips to explain the different stages of making Bayonne Ham, just as if you were there, as well as the nutritional plus points of Bayonne Ham.
  • Simple recipes from South West France that you can try out.
  • A quizz to make you a real expert on Bayonne Ham. Try it out on the family or the next pub quiz. Which French author wrote appreciatively about Bayonne Ham? Was it Maupassant, Rabelais or Rimbaud? All the answers are in the application…
  • Handy tips to help you to get the most out of your Bayonne Ham.
  • Use your smartphone or tablet to find your way to the Bayonne Ham museum, situated at Arzacq Arraziguet.