The Consortium


Structured as an Interprofessional Organization, the Jambon de Bayonne Consortium federates all actors of the Jambon de Bayonne sector :

1 breeding area : the South-West of France
800 farms – 18 producer groups

The sector guarantees the production stays in its original and traditional area
The farmers ensure the welfare of the animals, certified by a yearly diagnosis

38 food producers

They are committed to the DURALIM process, aiming at a sustainable diet with local proteins and raw materials

1,500,000 pigs produced in 2019
28 slaughterhouses / cutting plants

In each slaughterhouse you can find an animal protection manager

1 unique salt : PGI Salies-de-Béarn salt

A unique and natural spring salt obtained by evaporation

1 salting area: the Adour Basin
29 salt workers including 3 collective workshops
13 slicing workshops
1,072,729 hams salted in 2019

A fair remuneration for all the players in the sector guaranteed by inter-professional agreements

It can be estimated that the entire Bayonne ham sector, from breeding to processing, represents more than 5,000 jobs in the production area, including 1,400 jobs directly in breeding.

The Bayonne ham sector produces nearly 1 025 000 pieces of Bayonne ham per year for a turnover of 100 million euros. This represents around 20% of French production of cured hams, 13 % of French consumption and around 5% of European consumption of cured hams.