PGI Southwest Pork



On May 9, 2013, the Southwest Pork officially obtained its Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).

Just like PGI Bayonne Ham, this European recognition is a guarantee of origin and quality for consumers.


What is PGI Southwest Pork?

Southwest Pork is a pig:

  • Born and raised in the Southwest of France,
  • Fed with a high-quality and specific maize diet,
  • Slaughtered at a live weight of about 120 kg.

The dual tradition of producing a heavier pig, fed with locally-produced corn-based is a particular characteristic of the southwest pork carcass.

Obtaining the PGI Southwest Pork helps to preserve this type of farming, and to differentiate this southwest pork production in the distribution.

Two labels have already used the « Southwest name » since 1989 : « Southwest Farmer Pork » and « Southwest corn-fed Pork ».

These 2 products respect both the Label Rouge and PGI Southwest Pork specifications:


Porch of Oloron Cathedral sculpted in 1120
Porch of Oloron Cathedral sculpted in 1120

Ancestral productions

In the Southwest, pig production and the production of maize are ancestral, and the local historical heritage largely bears witness to this: literature, writings, popular imagery, artistic works, etc.

This double tradition still continues nowadays, with:

  • 1,700,000 southwestern pork produced annually
  • 6,050,000 tonnes of maize produced annually

Remplissage des cribs de maïs
Corn crib filling

Cribs de maïs
Corn crb

Main characteristics of southwest pork meat

South-West pork meat is juicy and tender, with an intense taste. It has particular physico-chemical qualities:

  • High levels of unsaturated fatty acids (almost 60%):
  • A limited level of saturated fatty acids (about 40%), responsible for cholesterol.
  • High in protein
  • Rich in vitamin E

It is the feeding of pigs based on Southwest maize that gives the meat of Southwest pork its organoleptic and nutritional qualities.


Cochon mangeant du maïs
Pig eating corn

An internationally renowned product from Southwest Pigs: PGI Bayonne Ham

PGI The Bayonne Hams are made from southwest pigs.

Southwest pig carcasses are used in their entirety:

  • For consumption in fresh meat, fresh sausage, etc.
  • Charcuterie: terrine, boudins, blood sausage, confit, etc.
  • In cured meats, including PGI Bayonne Ham.