Certified Quality

Bayonne Ham is a certified ham that observes a strict and clear technical manual, at every stage of its making.

The demands made of Bayonne Ham

Sondage des jambons pièce par pièce
Sondage des jambons pièce par pièce

At every level (farm; slaughter/cutting; curing; distribution), the technical manual, which has been validated by the authorities includes a rigorous series of checks. This includes, among others, these specific qualities:

  • Registration and authorisation for all operators in the Bayonne Ham production chain.
  • A set of internal checks carried out by each operator to ensure the compliance of their production.
  • Internal checks within the production chain, carried out by technicians from the Consortium du Jambon de Bayonne.
  • External checks carried out by specialist staff from an independent certificating body.

A production chain that is totally transparent at every stage of production

Maintaining a low pig density zone for the Bayonne ham sector

The low pig density in the region and the regional health monitoring programs ensures optimum health standards in the farms.

Traceability of Bayonne Ham

Every stage of the production is both tracked and transparent, hence the quality and food safety of the meat. Traceability allows every ham to be tracked throughout its maturation and ensure that the minimum drying time for the Bayonne Ham appellation respected.

All the necessary information to identify a product appears on the labelling of the hams.